Semi Private Training for Men and Women

personal-training-for-adults-over-40As we age, our bodies and fitness needs to change with us. At Bodyworks Fitness, we simplify fitness for busy men and women over 40 by strengthening their bodies and minds through flexible coaching programs that fit into their hectic schedules.

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IMETT Cardio Programs


As we all know, cardio training is the base forall strength and conditioning programs. A Strong cardio base will help improve any weight training program, speed training program and endurance training program.

Individual Heart Rate Training Zones

From the submax test the computer will determine heart rate training zones for recovery periods, endurance training and interval training. These zones are based on the client’s fitness level and genetics, not on age and gender like most charts.

VO2 at Anaerobic Threshold and Submax

This is the amount of oxygen the client can utilize during aerobic and anaerobic exercise. With heart rate training programs, we can increase the oxygen delivery and utilization. The higher the volume of oxygen available, utilized and delivered, the better conditioned the client. If the client has a low VO2, then we can suggest certain workout programs for improvement. These workouts will be based on the client’s heart rate training zones and goals.

Active Recovery Zone

The test will help prevent over training. At the end of the 10- minute submax test, there is a two-minute recovery period to determine how well the client recovers. If the client doesn’t return to an aerobic heart rate within the two minutes, then we would suggest a recovery workout program. Once the recovery time has improved, then we can use the active recovery zone for true recovery between intervals or sport specific exercise. Without knowing the active recovery heart rate during intervals the client might not completely recover and the next interval will not be effective and they might possibly be overtraining if they continue.

Peak Heart Rate

The test will take the client to a workload that will push them to their submax VO2 or around 90% of their max. The heart rate at this workload is called Peak. They can maintain this heart rate for 1- 3 minutes, depending on the type of workout they are doing. Knowing the client’s Peak heart rate will help us design a program to improve cardiovascular strength without overtraining.

Personalize Workout

From the test results, we can determine what areas of the client’s cardiovascular program needs to improve. The programs can be any combination of endurance, improve recovery, cardiovascular strength, leg strength, speed, low intensity recovery or weight loss/fat burn. We have over 60 workout programs to meet any client’s needs.

P.A.T. Training Systems

Personal Athletic Training is the integration of sports medicine, rehab, and fitness. Movement testing, stretching, strengthening in a progressive manner for safe, efficient, and effective return to functional activities. Includes therapeutic exercises for spinal dysfunction and shoulder complex conditions.

  • Progressive Therapudic Exercises
  • Sequencing for Spinal Dysfunction & Movement Limitations
  •  Shoulder Complex-Rotator Cuff Conditions

DMS: Deep Muscle Stimulator

Do you have sore muscles in your back, neck, shoulders or legs? Does it occur after a workout or is it a chronic pain? The DMS can help alleviate or completely resolve muscle pain immediately after a session. The DMS uses percussion, and mechanical vibration that reach deep into the muscle to stimulate proprioceptive functions.

The DMS provide deep muscle tissue with kinetic forms of percussion and concussion vibration which in turn facilitates the athlete or patient with the benefits of

  • Reduced pain
  • Break up of muscular scar tissue
  • Faster injury rehab
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Return to work or athletic performance immediately
  • Reduced lactic acid and build up

The DMS also works on general and specific muscle spasms, increases muscle metabolism and increases the lactic acid cycle to relieve pain. It can be used to treat and manage acute and chronic pain including migraine headaches, sciatica, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, myofacial pain, and frozen joints. By loosening contracted shortened muscles and stimulating weak flaccid muscles the DMS creates a balance that promotes better posture and efficient body mobility movement.
The DMS aids in recovery from soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains because the growth and repair of tissue are accelerated by efficient circulation in the injured area and stimulation healing tissues.

The DMS was developed to be used in Post rehabilitation facilities including Physical therapists Athletic trainers and Massage therapists. A therapist can use the DMS on specific trigger points or to treat the entire body.

Personal Training Services

General Fitness Training

Programs for the average person from beginner to advanced level, providing structured, highly efficient, and productive workouts.

Sports Performance Training

Preparing beginner to advanced athletes at all age levels to improve skills used in sports, including agility, coordination, balance, and speed.

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