Our whole family has benefited from training with Frank and Yvonne.
We are healthier, stronger, and slimmer than when we began three years ago. We look forward to working out with them because they’re not only our trainers, they’ve become our friends.

Bob, Susan and Mike Gardner

I have been training with Yvonne since February, 2007 and have seen a tremendous improvement in my flexibility and physical ability. She has helped me increase my strength and endurance. I have lost weight and increased muscle. My friends and family have noted the positive changes in my body. I feel that Yvonne challenges me to do my best and pushes me to be successful in improving my health and fitness.

Torre Sullivan

My wife, teenage daughter and I have worked with Yvonne and Frank for the past several months. The results have been excellent. I’ve lost over 25 pounds since early June and the rest of my family has experienced significant weight loss as well. I have more energy and feel stronger than I have in years. I’m 58 and feel as I did in my 30’s. Our trainers have used a combination of weight and cardio training mixed with advice on diet and lifestyle. They keep excellent records of our workouts and measure our progress in weight loss and muscle gain every 2 weeks. What I’ve really liked has been their attention to injury prevention by insuring that proper form be followed at all times. They are always warm and positive making exercise a pleasure.

Doug, Michelle and Jamie Richardson

Training with Yvonne Saucedo of Bodyworks Fitness has been a rewarding experience. When I was looking for a trainer to help me lose weight and tone my body, Yvonne was the obvious choice. She tailored a workout regiment that would help me to achieve the goals I set for myself. SInce beginning my weight training journey, I have lost approximately 15 pounds and increased my strength tremendously. Yvonne knows how to motivate her clients; she teaches her clients about healthy food choices; she monitors her clients progress closely with monthly measurements, daily notations regarding weight training and just staying in contact. I have worked with two other trainers before, but neither gave me the confidence and specialized attention that I get with Bodyworks Fitness and Yvonne Saucedo in particular. Everyday, I get closer to achieving my weight loss goal, and Yvonne has been and will be with me until it is realized.

Anna Marie Amezquita

After more than 15 years of not practicing any form of exercise, I started training with Yvonne in Oct. 2008. Yes, I’ve lost weight and have more energy, but the biggest accomplishment is that Yvonne has motivated me to lead a healthier life style. Resistance training coupled with nutrition advice is helping me to achieve my goal of staying physically fit.

Deya Bakke

After having three children I wasn’t very confident in my health.  Yvonne showed me a healthy way of living and now I feel great!  I lost body fat and my confidence is at its highest. Thanks Yvonne.

Sabrina Chapman